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Website design includes much more than just how a site looks, all of the websites we produce are optimised for search engines and ROI goals.

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  • Website Design

    We believe that web design is a general term that encompasses a great deal more than just whether a website looks on trend or not. Website design includes much more than this for example the structure of the sitemap, ensuring all pages are easy for the visitor to find through a clear and logical structure. Ensuring that key information is presented clearly on the layout of each page, that it's optimised for search engines and that the page isn't overcrowded.

    Depending on your needs we'll examine the best website building solution, we often use industry standard html, css, js. However some of the platforms we use for larger sites and those where our cutomer wishes to add content themselves on a regular basis include Wordpress, Joomla.

    Izbiz Web Design have established a tried and tested web design process that ensures every website we produce (large or small) delivers on its core aim ie. ROI. This begins with thorough research on your specific target market and clarification of your key goals of the site before commencement of the project.

    During the project we'll produce a rough design of how we visualise the site should look and feel before being developed into a full website design. Once signed off your website will go live but not before we've ensured all onsite SEO has been completed, Google Analytics set up and if you're a local business, add you to Google Places which is an invaluable tool for customers searching nearby for your products or services. It's important to us that we give your website every chance of being crawled and indexed by search engines as quickly as possible.

  • Website Re-design

    Keeping up to date with today's trends is vital these days. At Izbiz Web Design we'll work closely with you to determine what changes your current website would need to keep you ahead of your rivals. We'll be happy to provide you with our guidance.

    The majority of businesses have a website now and with quickly changing trends and new technology available to designers your website that was once the bees knees can become a little outdated. Keeping the same content we can give it a shake up, add some new functionality and add more pages for new content if required.

    Just as vitally important as keeping ahead of your competitors (if not more!) is also ensuring your website is functioning within the guidelines of today's search engines. Each search engine have their own set of guidelines and policies which must be adhered to in order to stand any chance of being listed in their directories and subsequently rank highly in an organic search.

    More information regarding Search Engine Optimisation can be found here: Search Engine Optimisation