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Onsite SEO services are essential in complying with all the major search engine listing criteria. We also offer a range of Digtial Marketing Services including PPC, Email campaigns, Facebook, Twitter etc.

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SEO Services Flintshire
  • SEO

    SEO is often overlooked or under valued. Until that is the number of visitors to your site drops and you discover you're not ranking as highly as you used to. Or, if it's a new website, just doesn't rank anywhere organically.

    We believe as a rule of thumb is if you have competitors then you need SEO!

    SEO consists of two elements:
    1. Onsite SEO
    Major search engines look for specific elements within the coding of your website when they crawl it. Having all of these elements in place will not only ensure the search engines will index your website but will in part help with where you rank in organic searches.
    A few examples of elements they look for include but not limited to: meta data, image names and alt tags, unique page content relevant to subject matter.
    If your website has never been optimised with onsite SEO you are likely tos ee a result fairly quickly but depending on what your website is promoting, onsite SEO may not be sufficient on it's own.
    If you would like us to provide a free evaluation of your website please contact us to discuss.

    Offsite SEO
    Offsite SEO differs from onsite SEO in that all the work is carried out away from the website. A few examples of the work include but not limited to: link building (from high ranking and relevant websites, article writing. Depending on the subject matter and how competitive your industry is results from offsite SEO are gained over time and with patience. It's often best left to the offsite professionals who have the resources to constantly monitor and evaluate what work needs to be carried out. Together with Onsite SEO, results can often be achieved from 4-6 months.

    There are no gurantees in appearing at the very top of organic searches but you are guaranteed not to rank anywhere if you don't invest in some SEO!

  • Digital Marketing

    As well as SEO we offer a number Digital Marketing Services that may be essential to your industry or would compliment it.

    Some of our services include:
    1. Email Marketing Campaigns: Sending regular emails to your customers or purchasing a list of contacts by demographics is a popular way to keep in touch with people interested in your products or services.
    2. Social Media Interaction: Communicating via the big Social Media platforms includinng Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest etc is a great way to find new customers. It's not a must for everyone, we find it depends on the industry sector you are in.
    3. PPC: Pay per click campaigns are essential for ecommerce, particularly if your website is newly launched and there's a way to go before your site is ranking anywhere organically. This is an immediate result solution to get your site on page one and get your brand out there.
    4. Google Shopping: Product advertising with a direct link to your product detail page. Another great tool for ecommerce websites and again, if your site is new it's a grat way to advertise your brand.

    For any of the services above or if you would like to discuss a service not listed, please contact us and we will be happy advise the best solution for your website.